Double bitted locks: security poised?

Let’s find out together!

Robberies and thefts, be careful to the magic key
The THIEVES no longer climb over the gutters to rob the apartments: now they enter directly by opening the door, with a special “magic” key, and without leaving any signs of forced entry. They look like ghosts, silent and fast. In a few minutes all the locks open.
A system that the citizens of Bologna now know well, because, as confirmed by an investigator of the police station, “at least 50% of the thefts committed in the city take place without a break, but through the” Bulgarian “key”.
This is the “magic” tool: a sort of passepartout that, once inserted in the lock, succeeds in lifting the pistons and with the perfect compatibility of the original key opens any armored door.

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Surely you have read articles like this that talk about a “magic key” that can open all the doors: but does it really exist? And what locks can it open?
First and foremost, the tool in question, better known as the “Bulgarian key”is a pick with teeth, a sort of key that, once inserted into the double-bit lock patch, is able to decode and copy the combination allowing to open ( and if you want to close again) most of the old-generation double-bitted locks without a break.

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Both in the historical version and in the more advanced version, known as Magic Key, this pick is composed of two “half keys” necessary to copy the first key-turn and the second key-turn.

It is certainly important to know that there are many different opening techniques on the market suitable for the various types of locks, whether they are double-bit or with European cylinder. No lock can be considered inviolable and everything is based on a matter of time and interest:

the more time it will take to try to open the lock and the less encouraged will be the thief

the stronger will be the interest for the contents of the house and the stronger will be the dedication that the criminal will put to try to open it

Are there currently double-bit locks that can offer more security?

Certainly yes, and the MOIA lock with its features is one of them!

6 gorges (levers) mechanism against the Bulgarian key

Thanks to the arrangement with opposed gorges, with thrust springs at the top and bottom, the Bulgarian pick tool cannot be used. The opposed gorges, in fact, assembled in a random position through a special software, would force the thief to insert the two “half-Bulgarian keys” at the same time, something impossible to do for obvious reasons of space.

The resistance to the Bulgarian key is certified on each lock by a special label “Anti-lock decoding”.

Drill protection

A special internal steel plate guarantees protection to the drill on the two mantonnets and on the key entrance. Compared to the manganese plates usually used to offer protection to the drill for locks, the special MOIA plate is equipped with steel pins that are free to rotate on themselves in such a way as to divert the drill tip away from the critical points of the lock.

Double holding pin

Compared to most of the locks on the market, the MOIA double bit is characterized by 2 mantonnet which extends the needed time in case of burglary and has a high resistance to loads over 1000 kg.

Double bitted asymmetrical map with reduced interaxis

The MOIA key has been characterized, from its debut in 1958, by a very reduced shape thanks to which the snapping and insertion of tools for picking into the small key hole is difficult, thus complicating any attempts of attack.

High quality materials and 100% Made in Italy production

All the components are made in our factory sitted in Borgaro Torinese; the key elements that are subjected to efforts are made of steel, unlike other competitors who use zamak to make the product cheaper (but also more subject to wear and tear or breakage).

Long life

All the products that are placed on the market are first tested through the cyclical and burglary test. Special machines open and close the lock 100,000 times, while others “stress” the lock by closing and reopening the door as many times.
A series of burglary tests also verify the resistance of the bolts, of the bars attachments and of the locking mechanisms in case of violent attack.

EN 12209 Certification

Grazie alla piastra anti-trapano interna, al doppio mantonnet ed altri accorgimenti tecnici, la serratura MOIA a doppia mappa ha ottenuto nella certificazione, secondo la normativa UNI EN12209:2005, la classe 7 (massimo grado) di sicurezza e resistenza al trapano.

MOIA locks are known to be stronger inside, with “ALL-INCLUSIVE” protections and fixing systems.

In fact, all the elements necessary to guarantee a high degree of safety are already present in our standard models. Therefore it is not necessary to request special models certified UNI EN12209 or to add the manganese plate during installation: what is proposed to you is already the top of the range!

Block of the handle

Once the lock is in closed position and the door is securely closed, the handle is automaticallyb locked to prevent the latch bolt from rolling back and thus losing the adjustment and the perfect closing of the door.

Weakening on the bolts trail

A special hole, placed on the barbs of the bolt trail, causes the breaking of the teeth if an attacker tries to pull back the bolts with a "force key".

Closing the key entry

In the "B" version, a special mechanism closes the key entry with the progress of the bolts; this expedient prevents the use of the pick tools consisting of a separate use of pick and tensor.

Therefore the double map is equally safe. So why should you switch to a European cylinder model?

To remove any doubts we propose a comparison between the two models, leaving you the possibility to choose the one that is best suited to your needs.


The double bit lock is a complete lock, that is, it does not need any additional elements to function. Therefore the degree of safety is guaranteed by the manufacturer and the latest generation models offer a high degree of safety.
In the case of the locks with European cylinder, in order to function it needs a European profile cylinder that can be of any brand and the degree of safety is given by the sum of the lock, the European profile cylinder and the cylinder protection. In this case it is therefore essential to check the technical characteristics of the three elements with your installer and rely on industry professionals who ensure the use of valid materials.


The double bit key is long, uncomfortable to keep in your pocket and easily subject to breakage in case of accidental fall. Moreover it does not allow to easily manage the unification of more doors with the same key (KA – keyed alike) or the set up of a master key (commonly called pass-partout or MK). Furthermore, if you wish to replace the combination it is necessary to remove the lock or in any case the gorges package inside it.
In the case of a European cylinder model, the key management options are extensive, both through unification (having the possibility of opening with the same key, for example, the entrance door, the cellar door, the car garage or the armored door) and master key set up. Furthermore, the reduced form of the key allows it to be carried more easily.


Upgrading security by replacing an old-style double bit lock with a new generation model is certainly the most economical solution; it may be suitable for those who have no particular key management needs or for renters who want to be sure they have a key combination of theirs. In this case, given that an up-to-date market model exists, no changes are necessary on the door.
In the case of a transformation from a double bit lock to a new one with the European cylinder, the costs go up, both for the materials needed (lock + cylinder + cylinder protection) and for the work to be performed, which requires a series of changes on the door which, if carried out by professionals of the sector, lead to excellent results With a conversion it is possible to increase the degree of security and also obtain a wider possibility of key management.

It is therefore important to always inquire about the characteristics of the products that are installed, verifying with the professional the optimal solution that can satisfy the safety and practical needs of each of you.

Before concluding we present two simple tips:

  • Always close the front door with all the key-turns. Pulling the door behind you, closing it with the simple latch bolt, allows the criminals to enter your home in just a few seconds and without the slightest effort. Companies like ours work every day to guarantee the highest level of security: always make the most of the characteristics of the products you buy.

  • Never leave your keys unattended. Whether they are a double bit or European cylinder, some attackers could take them away for a short time or take a picture of them to get a copy of them and illegally enter your home. Daily safety is also made up of small gestures!