Garage thefts: how to protect yourself

In recent years, we increasingly come across news articles relating to theft in garage and condominium garages.

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Serratura per basculante MOIA per protezione garage

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Why the garages?

The apartments are usually secured by converting from a double bitted lock to a Europrofile lock or simply by updating the lock (from a old generation to a new generation double-bitted lock).
But it happens that for reasons of space inside the houses, one takes advantage of the garage to store goods of any kind with a value that often exceeds that of the goods kept at home. Inside the garage, in fact, objects such as power tools, racing bicycles, mountain bikes, appliances, scooters or the car itself and what is inside it become an easy source of income for the criminals who quickly resell these goods getting cash.

The isolated and uneven location, especially at night, turns garages into an easy target. If we consider that, very often, these are doors of first installation with very thin sheet and a lock with poor protection, it’s done.

The most common techniques used by thieves

First of all, you should know that, since theft is a matter of time, thieves love to play it safe; in fact, before proceeding with the burglary, they inspect the boxes by making a hole in the sheet to check what is inside. The most refined make a very small hole or take advantage of the air intakes to insert a tube with a micro-camera and LED light.


Always check the presence of any holes in the garage door very carefully

With a pair of sheet metal shears or a sturdy screwdriver, the criminals at the side of the lock create an opening through which to pass the hand to open the lock from the inside.

Garage thefts - Source: 'Il resto del Carlino'

With the help of a crowbar, the side of the tilting door is pulled out of its hinges, offering a wide passage for the thief.

Garage thefts - Source: ''

The thieves, in the presence of overhead doors made of very thin sheet metal, bend the corner upwards to create a passage from which to take away the stolen goods.

Garage thefts - Source: ''


Through the installation of a Europrofile lock that guarantees protection against manipulation, lifting corners and unhinging. Compared to models with a cross-style closure, the MOIA 156B lock provides an H-type closure protecting the entire surface of the door and effectively countering the burglary attempts listed above.

Very often due to the presence of the weights, the lateral points are difficult to install and a lock with a cross closure is often installed with only the vertical points leaving the corners and uprights uncovered. The H MOIA lock has 4 points that can always be installed and, where possible, the side rods can also be fixed to obtain 6 closing points.

How to install it?

In a very simple way. Watch the tutorial!

The lock is available in 3 lengths:
500 mm: for basement doors
900 mm: for small and medium tilting doors
1700 mm: for medium and large overhead doors
If you want to have all the video presentation and installation tutorials always with you, download our free application on Google Play or Apple Store; inside you will find all the videos, the complete and always updated catalog, numerous useful tools for the identification of the locks and the choice of cylinders or cylinder protections.


Made of galvanized steel, the 156Bseries lock is equipped with an anti-manipulation lever mechanism; the two M6 holes, center distance 38 mm, allow the installation of a cylinder protection.

Great practicality

Usable with any European profile cylinder, it is modular allowing any lengthening or length reduction directly on site.
Mounted on a flat reinforcement plate, omega plates of various sizes are available to guarantee installation on any type of overhead doors.

A special kit of spacers also offers considerable adjustment without overloading the overhead door too much.
The four adjustable rods, supplied as standard, allow to reach a maximum height of 1200 mm. On request the bars extension can be supplied to reach 1700 mm.