The long-awaited mortise mid-trail lock with European cylinder for the 70 mm backset is now available

The first European profile mortise mid-trail lock is born, perfectly interchangeable with the same double-bitted model on the market and which, until now, it was not possible to convert to a cylinder lock.

Characterized by a lever mechanism with two throws (total stroke 40 mm), it is possible to install any European profile cylinder, securing it with a side screw that also guarantees protection against cylinder extraction.

Serratura a infilare per porte con fascia RCI9754/001RF | MOIA

Prepared for the installation of a standard cylinder protection with M6 through holes of 38 mm center distance.

Perfectly reversible, with spring or roller latch bolt, it is available in 4 different versions:

It’s easy to change the hand of the lock: simply unscrew the special screw located on the side of the lock and the latch can be rotated in a few seconds.

Tested for over 100,000 opening cycles, the new mid-trail lock can be installed both on aluminum and iron bands, guaranteeing full reliability and safety.

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